are medical supplies eligible for hsa?

Durable medical equipment is reimbursable with flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs). Exercise equipment: The cost of exercise equipment for general wellness is not reimbursable unless submitted with a medical diagnosis. Over-the-counter items include, but are not limited to, plasters, bandages and dressings, braces and supports, catheters, contact lens solutions and supplies, contraceptives and family planning supplies, denture adhesives, diagnostic tests and monitors, diabetic supplies and tests, first aid supplies, peroxide and rubbing alcohol. Fitness programmes - Fitness programmes for general health are not reimbursable unless submitted with a medical diagnosis.

Impotence or sexual insufficiency - Medical expenses related to the treatment of impotence are reimbursable. Tuition - Health care expenses included in tuition at a university or public school are reimbursable if the expenses are listed separately on the tuition bill. Maximum benefits - Expenses denied by health insurance because maximum benefits have been exhausted are reimbursable. Deductibles - Health insurance deductibles and company plan co-insurance amounts are reimbursable.

You should retain all receipts and relevant documentation to show that your HSA was used for eligible medical expenses. Fluoride, prescription - Expenses paid for fluoride toothpastes or rinses prescribed to treat a specific medical condition are covered. Of course, you can still use your funds for prescriptions, contact lenses and medical bills, including co-insurance, co-payments and deductibles. Transportation: Amounts paid for transportation that is essential to medical care are reimbursed.

These expenses typically include payment to doctors or dentists, prescriptions, imaging such as MRI scans, medical services (such as home care) and medical equipment or supplies. Cosmetic procedures: Medical expenses for cosmetic procedures are only reimbursable if the procedure is necessary to improve a deformity resulting from, or directly related to, a congenital anomaly, a personal injury resulting from an accident or trauma, or a disfiguring disease. Vitamins taken as treatment for a specific medical condition are reimbursable with a medical diagnosis. Capital Expenses - If your primary purpose is medical care, capital expenses paid for special equipment installed in or improvements to the member's home are reimbursable.

To be considered medical care, the classes must relate to specific medical issues, such as childbirth, birthing procedures, breathing techniques and nursing.

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