what can i do with unwanted medical material?

In this way, staff can effectively donate unused supplies that are collected on a regular basis. They accept unused medical supplies, surgical instruments, hospital equipment, walking and injury aids in good condition and biomedical equipment. To make a donation of surplus medical supplies or equipment, or to request more information, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. First and foremost, no medical supply organisation will accept the return of any item, regardless of its condition (opened, unopened, new or used), after the 30 calendar days for returning an item from the date it was received.

Almost 9 million children under the age of 5 are reported to die each year due to lack of access to simple medical supplies. It is not uncommon for medical facilities, manufacturers or patients to have excess supplies or items that are commonly used to treat long-term conditions, illnesses or diseases. If you cannot afford this cost, call to arrange shipment with World Medical Mission's warehouse and technical staff. You no longer need to take a medication prescribed by your primary care doctor in Lake Orion, MI, Dr.

The ideal solution is to get medical supplies you no longer need to people who can use them because they are poor or have little or no access to medical care. Yad Sarah is a medical equipment lending organisation in Israel that helps the chronically, terminally ill to live at home. The American Medical Resource Foundation distributes donated medical equipment and supplies to charitable hospitals and clinics. Medshare is a US humanitarian aid organisation that provides medical facilities with surplus essential medical equipment and supplies.

MedShare works with hospitals in metro Atlanta, Northern California and the New York metropolitan area to establish take-back programmes so that hospital staff can effectively recycle their surplus medical supplies. These are suitcase-sized kits, pre-packed with basic medical supplies that can be easily transported and checked as luggage on their next trip to a needy community abroad. While unused medical supplies may seem innocuous, there are many items that cannot be thrown in the regular trash. MedShare is a non-profit organisation that collects and redistributes unused medical equipment to communities in need.

Many organisations accept donations of medical equipment, including Operation USA, Medical Bridges, MAP, Partners for World Health and MedShare.

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