where can i sell medical equipment?

SELL YOUR SURPLUS medical supplies FOR CASH - Remove unneeded supplies from your inventory - Put money back into your budget - There are no minimums for selling your supplies. Other types of medical equipment, such as commode chairs or wheelchairs, are only useful for a specific type of diagnosis; therefore, the pool of buyers may be more limited. You can improve your medical equipment resale strategy by focusing on specific measures that support patient care. We want to help you understand all your options, so the Med Mart team is here to answer all your questions about selling or responsibly disposing of your old medical equipment.

Soma makes it easy for hospitals and surgery centres to decide what to do with their surplus medical equipment. We have experienced logistics staff who can handle the entire procurement process, including the removal of your medical equipment from your premises. If donation is something you would like to do instead of resale, be sure to find an organisation that will accept your used but functional medical equipment. You can download the LetGo app on your smartphone or use their website to create a listing for your old medical equipment.

In Canada, charities accept medical equipment, whether it is hospital beds, mattresses, furniture, wheelchairs, walkers or other devices. When a medical equipment request is processed online, Soma takes less than one business day to contact you for more information. For liability reasons, medical centres and nursing homes often refuse direct donations of medical equipment. When designing the site, Science Soft says it must take into account that B2B buyers of medical products and private consumers buying for themselves have different needs.

However, when it comes to high-quality medical equipment in excellent condition, finding a buyer is not that difficult.

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