who can buy medical equipment?

Allegro Medical has buyers' guides that can help you decide which items to buy. We reviewed 25 medical supply companies before selecting the best for each category and only included companies that sell to both consumers and businesses. Most consumer medical supply companies offer wholesale prices, but not all reimburse insurance. Whether you are stocking your first medical office, replacing existing surgical and medical equipment or upgrading equipment you have used for years, USA Medical and Surgical Supplies is your trusted source for great buys on thousands of medical, surgical and home health care products, equipment and supplies.

When you or a loved one needs home health care, the supplies you need are not often found in a pharmacy. From orthopaedic needs such as knee braces to diabetic testing supplies, medical supply companies have a wide range of options to meet your care needs with condition-specific products. Another advantage of using Save Rite Medical is their educational blog, which discusses the medical supply buying process and provides money-saving tips. If you find that another retailer is offering a lower price on a product (the price must have been valid for more than 30 days), Discount Medical Supplies will match it.

It has one of the widest varieties of disposable medical supplies, including those for incontinence, health and wellness, wound care, skin care and mobility, along with adaptive clothing, bathing aids, diabetic products, mattresses, respiratory-related items, syringes and more. The company will confirm the prescription of certain medical supplies with your doctor and your insurance company, and then you will receive an order confirmation. For example, equipment such as oxygen, CPAP masks, heated humidifiers or some durable medical equipment may require a prescription. MDSupplies is an online medical supply shop with over 30,000 products, offering a wide range of brands you like and trust.

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