who is the largest supplier of medical supplies?

Today, with manufacturing facilities in 20 countries around the world, Baxter offers expertise in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Henry Schein is a medical distributor of a range of medical devices and is considered the largest international medical distributor due to the breadth of its operations. Founded in 1897, BD brings more than a century of medical equipment and manufacturing expertise in a variety of areas. The group controls a portfolio of companies, including Brocacef, a Netherlands-based company that distributes medicines and equipment to hospitals and other medical facilities.

They provide logistical support for the delivery of pharmaceuticals, pharmacy services, animal health products and medical facilities. They handle more than 120,000 branded medical products, specialise in the delivery of state-of-the-art dental equipment and have a stable presence in more than 190 countries. Today, with more than 33,000 employees and 6,500 patents, Stryker is a leading medical technology manufacturer offering orthopaedic implants, powered surgical instruments and endoscopic systems. These are just a small sample of the 1,000 entries in "The World's Top 100 Distributors of Medical and Surgical Equipment, Devices, Instruments and Consumables".

They represent 20 percent of all medical products sold and distributed in the United States, and are the critical link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers. We reviewed 25 medical supply companies before selecting the best in each category and only included companies that sell to both consumers and businesses. The company uses discreet shipping, which means it does not advertise that the products are medical supplies or name any specific products on the shipping labels of the boxes. For a more recent ranking of medical device companies, download the free Medtech Insight MTI 100, the latest ranking of global medical technology companies, produced by Medtech Insight (a sister publication of MD DI).

However, Vitality Medical does list its products available for reimbursement through a healthcare FSA, HRA or tax-free distribution. McKesson is a healthcare coverage and access company that wholesales surgical supplies, post-acute care supplies, packaging services, plasma, gloves, syringes and masks to medical professionals and facilities. If you want your insurance or Medicare to pay for your medical supplies, you will probably need to create an account with the company and go through several (manageable) steps before ordering.

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